Black Moon Circle "The Studio Jams Vol II" - black - LP

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Black Moon Circle
"The Studio Jams Vol 1: Yellow Nebula In The Sky"

three-piece band from Norway + Dr. Space from Øresund Space Collective

Limited Edition 400 copies total on black vinyl and gold/orange vinyl
This is the black vinyl edition! - 170g

Side A:

  1. The Head (24:02)

Side B:

  1. The Tail (16:48)




Øyvin Engan - bass

Vemund Engan - guitar

Per Andreas Gulbrandsen - drums

Dr. Space - analogue synthesizers
(Øresund Space Collective)

Reviews / Notes:
Norwegian psychedelic space rock group Black Moon Circle was formed by Øyvin Engan (bass/vocals) and Vemund Engan (guitar) in 2012.
Rising out of the ashes of the fast paced garage punk rock band The Reilly Express, the line- up was completed with the addition of Per Andreas Gulbrandsen on drums.
The sound of Black Moon Circle combines long jams with heavy riffage, the extensive use of effects on bass and guitar and analogue synths oscillating with echoes and delays created by Dr Space.
The bands 5th release, The Studio Jams Vol II is out in November 2016. The music on this album is one long 45min space jam recorded live in the studio in 2016.
It features amazing moods and sounds as the musical trip builds up to a massive jam, returns to earth with some intense interludes before exploding into space once again.

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LP (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. black vinyl
  • 170g

LP / Cover = New / New


Stoner; Space Rock; Psychedelic Rock

Label / Land / Jahr:

Crispin Glover Records, MOON2CGR068; November 2016


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