Dr Space's Alien Planet Trip "Vol. 3 - Featuring Martin Weaver" - schwarz - LP

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"Vol. 3 - Featuring Martin Weaver"

sein drittes Solo-Album

Limited Edition 318 Stück gesamt: 102x schwarz - 216x himmelblau
Dies ist die schwarze Vinyl Ausgabe - 180g - handnummeriert

Side A:

1. Lost In The Desert  (8:02)
Veganporcotopia  (9:40)
Where Aliens Go To Die  (3:47)

Side B:

4. Cosmic Explosions  (4:32)
5. Spacey Placey  (6:51)
Sue’s Dream Of Exploding Sheep  (5:36) 
Encart Stnap (edit)  (5:38)



Dr Space - Nord Lead 2 virtual analog synthesizer, Korg Monotron, Custom Modular Synthesizer,
                OSCar. Programmed drums were made in Logic

(Øresund Space Collective; Black Moon Circle)

Martin Weaver - Acoustic guitar, electric guitars, drum programming in Native Instruments on 'Lost in the Desert'
(Wicked Lady; Dark)

Reviews / Notes:

The 3rd volume of Alien Planet Trips is a collaboration with guitar player Martin Weaver (Wicked Lady, Dark)
and Dr Space (Øresund Space Collective, Black Moon Circle).
They met a year ago and found they had a in common musically and should work together. These tracks were
conceived during the summer of 2018, when it was too hot to do anything outside. 
Dr Space: “It had been many years since I used my Nord Lead 2 so it was time to take it out and see what sounds
it could produce. Many of the tracks the main synth lines were created on the Nord Lead and then additional layers
were added and Martin then laid down some guitars. This album is dedicated to my lovely, patient and understanding wife, Sue.”

Enjoy this 3rd Trip. It is very different from Vol 1 and 2.
Space Rock Productions

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1 LP (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 102 Stück schwarzes Vinyl
  • 180g
  • handnummeriert

LP / Cover = Neu / Neu


Elektronik - Psychedelic - Space Rock

Label / Land / Jahr:

Space Rock Productions, SRP060; D 04. Mai 2019
(Aufgenommen & abgemischt im Space Station Studio / Portugal, 2018)


ca. 280 g / Stück

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