Kungens Män "Fuzz Pa Svenska" - weiss/rot - 2LP

Kungens Män "Fuzz Pa Svenska" - weiss/rot - 2LP

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"Fuzz På Svenska"

Limited Edition 500 Stück gesamt: 350x weiß (Seite A/B) & rot (Seite C/D) - 150x weiß/rot split
Dies ist die 350er weiß & rote Vinyl-Ausgabe - 180g - Klappcover - handnummeriert - 2 Aufkleber - download code

Side A:

  1. Tesen  (15:37)
  2. Starta Gruff  (6:54)

Side B:

  1. Fuzz På Svenska  (14:17)
  2. Centrala Mellanplanet  (7:02)

Side C:

  1. Tung Pedagog  (5:12)
  2. Tung Dialog  (14:10)

Side D:

  1. Ljupt Djud  (19:16)



Mattias Indy Pettersson - drums

Peter Erikson - synth

Hans Hjelm - guitar

Mikael Tuominen - guitar, percussion

Magnus Öhrn - bass

Tomas Bergstrand - gitarr (8, 10)

Gustav Nygren - saxophone, percussion

Reviews / Notes:
The time has come for the yearly double album by Kungens Män. This time they are digging deep, starting off very calmly and inviting us gently to the ride.
Off it goes, in many different directions and moods. Sometimes noisy and fuzzy and creeping up on you from behind, but with a melodic and somewhat jazzy vibe.
Always in trance. It builds and breaks and all ends with the deepest sound trip Kungens Män have offered us this far into their journey.
These Swedes are certainly doing their best to make Sweden psychedelic again.


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2 LPs (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 350 Stück weiß (Seite A/B) & rot (Seite C/D)
  • 180g
  • Klappcover
  • handnummeriert
  • 2 Aufkleber
  • Download Code

LP / Cover = Neu / Neu


Psychedelic - Spacerock - Krautrock

Label / Land / Jahr:

Adansonia AR027; August 2018


ca. 560 g / Stück

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