OSC Meets BMC "Freak Out In The Fjord" - col. - 3LP

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"Freak Out In The Fjord"

Limited Edition 474 copies total: 184x black - 290x light green transparent (side A/B) & light blue (side C/D) & turquoise (side E/F)
This is the colored vinyl edition - 140g - 6-sided gatefold - hand numbered


Side A:

1. Rendezvous In The Nebula  (23:39)

Side B:

2. Afterglow In The Sea Of Sirens  (23:55)

Side C:

3. Dinner With Gregg A And Jerry G  (17:24)

Side D:

4. Dinner With Gregg A And Jerry G  (17:31)

Side E:

5. Freak Out In The Fjord  (17:16)

Side F:

6. Freak Out In The Fjord  (19:11)



Magnus - Fender Rhodes, Synthesizer

Tim - Drums (right), Fender Rhodes (Side B)

Simon - Drums (left)

Hasse - Bass (slight left)

Øyvin - Bass (slight right)

Vemund - Guitar (right)

Jonathan - Violin, Guitar (left)

Dr Space - Modular Synth, Kaoscillator, Korg Monotron

Peran - Drums (side B right, side C/D center)


Reviews / Notes:
In November 2017, Øresund Space Collective and Black Moon Circle played a show in Trondheim / Norway, called ‘Freak Out In The Fjord’, which also featured the local band Red Mountains.
The next day they were booked into the excellent Øra Studio, one of the best in Trondheim, for a jam session.
It took a few hours to set up all the gear (2 guitar set ups, 2 bass set ups, 3 drums kits (yes, 3!), modular synth, Fender Rhodes and Oberheim synth and ØSC & BMC were ready to go.
Four jams were recorded ranging from Miles Davis inspired (Afterglow) to Grateful Dead (Dinner) to heavy space rock (Freak Out).
It is a hell of a 2hr musical journey!

Space Rock Productions

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2 LPs (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 184 copies light green transparent (side A/B) & light blue (side C/D) & turquoise (side E/F) vinyl
  • 140g
  • 6-sided gatefold cover
  • hand numbered

LP / Cover = New / New


improvised Space Rock - Psychedelic - Jazzrock

Label / Land / Jahr:

Space Rock Productions, SRP059; D 21st June 2019
ecorded at Øra Studio in Trondheim / Norway, Nov 18th, 2017;
mixed and mastered at Brygga Studio, November 2018 by Magnus Koefod


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