Okta Logue "Ballads Of A Burden" - schwarz - LP

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"Ballads Of A Burden"

Ltd. edt. 500 Stück gesamt: 300x schwarz - 100x farbig - 100x schwarz mit signiertem Poster
Dies ist die 300er schwarze Vinyl-Ausgabe ~ 150g ~ 60x60 cm Poster (NICHT signiert) ~ Download Code


A1 Bright Lights 3:24
A2 Just To Hear You Sleep 2:41
A3 Deal With The Digger 4:07
A4 Mr. Zoot Suit 4:31
A5 Shine Like Gold 5:43

B1 Decay 20:35


Reviews / Note:
Ballads Of A Burden is the new album of the band Okta Logue (formerly Zaphire Oktalogue).
In a way it can be regarded as their 'second' Debut. At the beginning of 2009, the young Darmstadt based band expanded
to a quartet. To all this furthermore, the band's new name indicates a fundamental musical realignment. The well-known,
but now more prominent popular lead guitars expand for a wide range of unconventional instrumentation by creating a
remarkable variety and atmospheric depth within the six songs. Wide organ rugs, lap steel guitars and patches of orchestral
wind instruments mark the crafty musical development of the band. Ballads Of A Burden offers a wide musical spectrum,
ranging from deep Pink Floyd-ish influences to well dosed 70's progressive excursions. With special release number 100 (!),
Nasoni honors this great and stunning album of the Okta Logue. All records with a great 60 x 60 cm Poster
- 100 black Vinyl special edition - Poster signed by the painter Harald Hermann.



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LP (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 300 Stück schwarzes Vinyl
  • 150g
  • 60x60 cm Poster
  • Download Code

LP / Cover = Neu / Neu


Psychedelic - Progressive

Label / Land / Jahr:

Nasoni Records Berlin, NASONI100LP; 2010


ca. 320g / Stück

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