Oresund Space Collective "Ode To A Black Hole" - magenta - LP

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Øresund Space Collective
"Ode To A Black Hole"

It's the 14th vinyl release by ØSC ...

Limited edition 500 copies total: 200x black - 200x magenta - 100x purple
This is the magenta vinyl edition - 180g - gatefold cover - hand numbered

Side A:

  1. Ode To A Black Hole (25:59)

Side B:

  1. Ode To A Black Hole (26:46)




Alex - drums & percussion

Dr Space - analog synthesizers

Hasse - bass, DounDouns

Jonas - hammond, synthesizer

Jonathan - guitar, violin

KG - analog synths

Mathias - pedal steel

Mats – guitar, bass, effects

LP + CD layouts by David Graham

Reviews / Notes:
'Ode To A Black Hole’ is a 52min doom drone jam that was recorded on the last day of the Different Creatures recording session in October 2014. It features the same line up of the band.
This is a totally unique piece of ØSC music and they have never recorded a piece quite like it. It is very inspired by listening to the UK band BONG, the morning before heading over to the studio.
It is a very slow evolving piece of music with synth drones, violin, pedal steel, minimal bass and slow emotional drums. After about 40mins the piece becomes quite heavy until the spaced out end...

Recorded at the Black Tornado Studio, Copenhagen Oct 2014. Engineer Lars Lundholm. Mixed by Dr Space at the Space Station Studios CPH, Denmark.
Space Rock Productions

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1 LP (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 200 copies magenta vinyl
  • 180g
  • gatefold cover
  • hand numbered

LP / Cover = New / New


improvised Space Doom Drone jam

Label / Land / Jahr:

Space Rock Productions, SRP033; EU April 25th 2016
(recorded in the Black Tornado Studio / Copenhagen, October 2014)


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