Oresund Space Collective "Picks From Space" - 12CD Box

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"Picks From Space"

• pre-sale starts 3rd May 2024 • available from 28th May •

PFS Vol. 1:
The tracks represented on this CD were taken from the first 3 jam sessions (2004) & feat. cool electronic, jazz and spaced out jams.

PFS Vol. 2:
The tracks on this CD were taken from the 2nd jam of the night on their 3rd session (2004).
It was one long 73min jam split into different sections.

PFS Vol. 3:
These 5 tracks are from their 4th jam session (2004).

PFS Vol. 4:
The jams on this CD were taken from their 6th jam session (2005).

PFS Vol. 5:
These jams are from their 7th jam session (2005).

PFS Vol. 6:
These jams are from their 9th & 10th jam session (2005).

PFS Vol. 7:
These jams are from their 11th jam session (2005).

PFS Vol. 8:
These jams are from the 14th & 15th jam session (2005).

PFS Vol. 9:
These jams are from the 16th & 17th jam session (2005).

PFS Vol. 10:
These jams are from the 19th jam session (2006).

PFS Vol. 11:
This CD features studio outtakes from their first three studio sessions at the Black Tornado studio, Copenhagen/Denmark.

PFS Vol. 12:
Here are some high quality jams from their 14th, 28th and 33rd sessions (2005 & 2007).



Picks from Space was a CD-R series produced by Dr Space between 2005-2007.
There were 12 CDs in the series. Each disc was a mixture of usually one or two rehearsal room jams with the exception of Disc 11,
which was unreleased studio material (most but not all of which has appeared now). It is estimated about 50 complete sets were burned and exist.
A few volumes exist in more copies as they were more popular and there was a period where you could buy them separately.
During the covid period, Dr Space found most of the original recordings and was able to greatly improve the sound on most of the recordings.
This is what you hear on this limited edition set starting with some tracks from the very first Jam session in April 2004 to one of the last regular jams
in 2007. There are some of the best jams the band ever had in this very inspired series of music exploring the early origins of the band.
Space Rock Productions


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CD-Album / Digisleeve / Box

  • ltd. edt. 250 copies
  • 12 CDs in digisleeve in a box

CD / Cover = New / New


instrumental - improvised Space Rock - Psychedelic

Label / Land / Jahr:

Space Rock ProductionsSRP084Box; 28th May 2024
(recorded 2004-2007)


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