Oresund Space Collective "Slip Into The Vortex" - col. - 2LP

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"Slip Into The Vortex"

Limited Edition 400 copies total: 100x black - 300x orange (side A/B) & violet (side C/D)
This is the coloured vinyl edition - 180g - gatefold cover - hand numbered - download card

Side A:

1. I Teleported To Acapulco  (10:10) / (+)
Mothership Machinery PT1  (12:04) / (o)

Side B:

3. Mothership Machinery PT2  (13:50) / (o)
4. Fondle The Frequency  (7:28) / (+)

Side C:

5. Slip Into The Vortex  (18:01) / (+)

Side D:

6. Sonic Snake  (11:59) / (o)
Lord Of Slumber  (6:22) / (o)


Anders - saxophone

Dr Space - synthesizers

Jocke - bass (+)

Kaufmann - drums

Magnus - guitar

Mogens - hammond, synthesizers

Pär - bass (o)

Stefan - guitars

Reviews/Notes (CD):
The seventh release from this amazing improvisational collective was recorded at Black Tornado Studios in October 2008 and includes members of Gas Giant,
Sumo Sun, Mantric Muse, Bland Bladen, Carpet Knights, and The Univerzals.
The lineup was Stefan and Magnus on guitars, Jocke and Pär on bass, Anders G. on drums, Anders H. on saxophone, Dr. Space on synthesizers, and Mogens on Hammond and synthesizers.

The fun begins with I Teleported To Acapulco, which features a killer brand of spaced out jazz-fusion that characterizes much of the album.
The guitars and synths are laid back on this track, adding color, character and SPACE. The sax takes the lead while the bass and drums keep
things driving along at a steady clip. Later the guitars and synths step more into the forefront and I sensed a sort of Ozric Tentacles-Grateful Dead combination.
Next up is the 25 minute Mothership Machinery. The combination of dirty Blues guitar and Gliss guitar on this song, along with saxophone,
electronics and cool rhythmic groove is nothing short of stunning. Once the band get cranked up we're in space-blues-jazz rocking heaven.
Never a dull moment on this epic length track.
The other standout track of the set is the 18 minute title track. It starts off as a laid back jam with organ, sax, guitars and synths all grooving
along, each taking turns with leads. But right at the 6 minute mark the band bust out big time and launch into a fast paced space rocking jam.
Some of it is reminiscent of Ozric Tentacles at their heaviest. DAMN, these guys are on fire! A truly monstrous jam.
The set is rounded out by Fondle The Frequency, which is a cool laid back jam.
Sonic Snake has both prog rock and free-jazz elements.
And Lord Of Slumber is a quietly dramatic piece that makes for a fitting finale to this outstanding set.

Øresund Space Collective are in my opinion one of the best improvisational units out there, with much to appeal to space rock fans and
(non-anal retentive) progheads as well. This is the kind of music where you fasten your seatbelts and surrender yourself to wherever the journey
takes you. You could listen to this album 100 times and still find something you missed the previous 99.
aural-innovations.com / Spaceman33

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2 LPs (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 300 copies coloured vinyl
  • 180g
  • gatefold cover
  • hand numbered
  • download card

LP / Cover = New / New


improvised Space Rock - Psychedelic - Progressive

Label / Land / Jahr:

Space Rock Productions, SRP061; D 7th September 2019
(recorded October 2008 in the Black Tornado Studio.
originally released on CD 2010 at Transubstans)


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