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  1. VI.I
  2. VI.II
  3. VI.III
  4. VI.IV


Nicklas Sørensen - guitar

Christian Becher Clausen - bass

Christoffer Brøchmann Christensen - drums


Reviews / Notes:
Papir, a trio from Copenhagen, might be the ultimate expression of the Danish creative soul: distinctively modern, deceptively minimalistic, and stylish yet understated.
A band of virtuoso musicians who move between psychedelic rock, jazz and krautrock seamlessly with the ability to hypnotize audiences, Papir could easily be the showboats of the scene.
However, since the appearance of their self-titled record in 2010, Papir have continued to follow their own road map, creating music with little interest in playing to the masses or catering to a specific genre.

While the band’s output over the past ten years has varied from epic psychedelic guitar meltdowns à la Earthless to sweeping, reverb-drenched soundscapes, a core of dense rhythm and melody always holds it all together.
On VI, Papir show a mastery of all their faces, combining the guitar heroics of their first few records with the more lush sound of last year’s V. In a mere 4 songs, Papir once again refresh tired ears with their unmistakable approach to rock music, leaving the listener blissed rather than bludgeoned.

Stickman Records

The Papir guys are back with their 6th LP and 2nd on the Stickman label.
This was recorded in the great Black Tornado Studio in Copenhagen and this time mixed entirely by the band. It features 4 excellent tracks.
The music is very similar to the bands last monster double LP but has a bit more that I like about these tracks. It starts off with VI.I. I really love the bass line
that starts this one off. They way that Christian plays and Christoffer flows on the drums, leaves so much space for Nicklas to really create unique layers of
melodic guitar, which is also complimented with some synths on occasion, as was on the last record but they are not in the traditional sense. The 2nd guitar line
that is played lifts the track to a new level and then the just build and build. Amazing opening track, that just made me smile as I could picture them in the studio
doing this one. Love the guitar tone.
VI.II, Christian takes the lead again with a repeated bass line, clear, simple and driving while the percussion rhythm changes and the guitar line is very melodic
and a slow drowning synth or guitar adds another layer underneath as the guitar lines get faster and faster and Nicklas kicks in with the wah guitar and later some
other effects as it gets quite psychedelic with the added other sounds as well.
Flip the record over for a spacey slow intro with some backwards guitar sounds (nearly) before the bass and drums kick in, along with a synth drone and off we go.
Again some beautiful guitar lines that weave in and out of the amazing bass playing, while Christoffer just rocks it.
VI.IV is the last and also my favourite track, perhaps because Nicklas really lets go on the guitar and … well.. wow… He can still stun me… Brilliant. / Scott Heller

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CD Album / Digipack


CD / Cover = Neu / Neu


Psychedelic - Krautrock - Progressive

Label / Land / Jahr:

Stickman Records Psychobabble 107; EU Mai 2019


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