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"Early Broadcasts"

Side A:

1. North Berry
2. Volga
3. Time - Eternity
4. New Space

Side B:

5. Heather And Wormwood
6. Shroomin'
7. Radio Motorik
8. Rhymes And Harmonies


Reviews / Notes:

For Polska Radio One from the Ural city of Yekaterinburg in Russia, the "early broadcasts" are the follow-up to their debut "Cosmos Inside", which Trail Records released last year.
It is the second "official" album, consisting of early tracks that were only available as downloads on the Polska Radio One Bandcamp website.
The very nice cover design is by Lulu Artwork, the fascinating bass player of Electric Moon. Anyway: this for us exotic location almost midway between Europe and India doesn't seem to have a direct influence on Polska Radio One's music.
The vocals are mixed to the back so that the instrumentation comes more to the fore, as The Beatles did on "Tomorrow never knows".
"early broadcasts" contains a fascinating variety of psycho-muck with retro organ, electronics and shimmering, driving guitar.
The album opens with the eastern psychedelic hypno rock 'n' roll "Nord Berry".
The cool combination of psyche-effect guitar and e tampura (a sitar-like instrument), it oozes electronics and thumps with mesmerising rhythmic thumps, a real hit.
But there are also psychedelic tracks with Russian vocals (the band sings in Russian and English).
The hypnotic state on "Volga" floats gently with guitar solos and incessant, throbbing drone.
"New Space" and "Heather and Wormwood" combine Indian ragas and trippy Iysergic flower power elements, pop psych and cosmic exploration.
Raga meets pop-psych with 70s funk-soul, plus an aggressive beat, make for a killer combination of jamming tampura and psych guitars.
The freaky electronics with funky organ fill the room with trance-like atmosphere.
I particularly like the sultry psychedelic "Shroomin". The cool organ and sax pull you in.
"Radio Motorik", a clever combination of Neu! and 60s flower-power pop-psych, full blast.
"Rhymes and Harmonies" closes the aromatic round of the seductive-cosmic psych journey from Ekaterinburg.
The early broadcasts are very impressive. They are, with full intent, hopefully retrograde. They have a gift for capturing the essence of their environment in sound, quite exciting.
It sounds like Dostoevsky in a warm hut. Outside there is endless cold and snow, but the next moment there is fire and friends.
And from one moment to the next, strippers with vodka come into the hut and drone us full, a real orgy.


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LP (12") Album

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Sulatron Records, st1503; 2015


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