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"Gemini Twins"

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1. Overture (4:32)
2. The Story Of Captain Glosster (10:49)
3. Time Loop (7:24)
4. Hypersleep (1:55)
5. Starship Troopers (8:02)
6. Solstice (3:06)
7. Over The Mountains (5:28)
8. Fugit Irreparabile Tempus (5:36)

Band auf diesem Album:

Serge «Skrypa» Skrypničenka - guitars, bass, synthesizers and operations with EZ Drummer (advanced drum soft)


Music, Artwork & layout by Serge «Skrypa» Skrypničenka

~ ~ ~

Reviews / Notes:

The material for «Gemini Twins» was created in the summer of 2022 and finished in 2023.
"I am interested in the themes of Man, his place in the Universe. From primitive times to the era of space exploration, people continue to ask themselves eternal questions:
Who am I? Where am I from? Where am I going?
The character of 'The Story Of Captain Glosster' is a slightly modified version of Homer’s Odysseus. This is the image of the End of the Wanderings. But Odysseus, after long wanderings,
returned to his beloved woman. On the contrary, Captain Glosster found his love as a result of his trips. Found her in Other Worlds. I don’t use science fiction images because
that’s how it’s supposed to be according to the laws of the genre. It would be too primitive and not interesting.
The composition 'Time Loop' is not a reference to some kind of science fiction. In my composition, the image of the Time Loop is an image of human life. Life is rhythmic, irreversible.
Under any given circumstances, we do not have the ability to press «Ctrl+Z». We can only move forward.
'Solstice' is inspired by the feeling of a calm, soft summer day. When all thoughts are stable, there is no anxiety and the world around you looks amazing through the haze of sun rays
and summer smells. I tried to convey this state in my track.
'Over the Mountains' could, of course, be an image from science fiction. But not necessarily. This is the feeling of flying over the mountains. Perhaps on another planet. Or maybe not.
This is a feeling of triumph from conquering air.
'Fugit Irreparabile Tempus' is my musical reflections on our world and the place of Man in this world.”
For fans of bands like Monkey 3, Natraxas, My Sleeping Karma, The Re-Stoned….

Space Rock Productions


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Stoner - Psychedelic

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Space Rock Productions, SRP085; 28. Mai 2024


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