19.05.2015 - ØSC Spaceboat III 2015


- live in concert -

am 16. Mai 2015, Spaceboat III in Hamburg / Deutschland

some words...
We arrive in Hamburg after 16, too late to stop by my home so we drive directly to the harbour ... and we are hungry. 3 of us jump into a snack bar to eat Schnitzel with chips and salad.
The other guys are searching for falafel. Around 17 we bring all our stuff down to the pier ... the boat is not here yet, so we are waiting. It's cloudy, windy & cold.
Klaus arrives, bringing the PA and some beer etc.
waiting waiting waiting ... damn, the boat should come at 17 and is much too late. Not sure, I think half past five it comes and the band is happy about a bigger boat. Plenty of space for them ;-)
At 18:30 I start to let the fans coming on the boat ... I am exhausted from the last busy days and tired and now it is raining, damn, but the people are happy and in a very good mood so this helps me.
And then ... then it is time ... I tell the Captain that we can start and the boat is moving ... the music starts slowly ... I jump into the boat to the band ...
The music plays, the boat sails and after a few minutes this strange happy feeling is running through my body and I smile :-)))
Øresund Space Collective are playing great, it is such a cool concert. I see that the band and the people enjoy it. Even the sun comes out from time to time ;-)
We sail through the harbour in Hamburg, with all these lights and buildings and ships and cranes and ØSC is playing this f*** good space music :-) and people are dancing and smiling :-)

Time flies much too fast and suddenly 3 hours are gone and we are back in reality and it is time to pack together all the gear and merch and drive home ;-(
... but I am pretty sure to see most of you all again next year ... on the Spaceboat IIII :-)

I want to say thanks to:
Klaus, for helping with the equipment, merchandise and some other things, thank you.
The fans, for coming to the concert and for the fantastic mood and the smiling faces and for telling me how much they enjoyed it. Thank you.
Last but not least Øresund Space Collective, for playing the Spaceboat, for the fantastic music and for a great & funny weekend. I love you guys, even if some of you are always hungry ;-)

My loss is not so heavy ... ca. 110 € ... if I have to pay for a broken glass of a wall light that any of the guests broke, then it is getting more ... we will see.


Band auf der Elbe:  Birk - drums, Dr Space - space sounds, Jiri - bass, Jocke - guitar, Mogens - synths, Nick - guitar


© all pictures by Sabine Pottien