Saturnia "The Real High"

Saturnia "The Real High"

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"The Real High"

  1. Glass Glyphs, Optics
  2. The Real High
  3. A Burnt Offering
  4. Mandrake Scream
  5. Heavenly Bodies
  6. Most Beautiful
  7. Tentacles
  8. Shells

Reviews / Notes:
"Als Grenzgänger zwischen Psychedelic Pop und moderner Elektronik produziert Luis Simoes (Portugal) seit jeher grandiose Songs und großartige Platten - dafür ist der portugiesische Ausnahme-Musiker immer noch viel zu unbekannt geblieben.
Das neue Album soll dies nun ändern.


Saturnia is the one man project of Portugese Luis Simones. He records all the instruments himself and this is a lot of different instruments- drums, bass, guitars, organ, gong, sitar, etc…. and he sings as well.
This is his first new album in 6 years and it was all recorded in the last 4 years. The lead off track is….  The Real High (see video below) is a cool Indian psych raga.
A Burnt Offering reminds me a lot of MORE era Pink Floyd. Mandrake Scream is a more uptempo affair with a really great multilayered sound and nice organ playing between the sung parts.
A bit of sitar and stuff thrown in as well and around 4mins a guitar solo appears over the really stoney groove. Amazing track.
Heavenly Bodies is another slow beautiful gliding psychedelic work. Most Beautiful has some new agey feel with floating organ, wind sweeps and sublime vocals.
Tentacles is another floating psychedelic adventure with a nice laid back space jazz feel to it with the Rhodes piano and guitar lines but lots of spacey sounds.
Shells is the last track and beautiful mellow piece, again reminding me of the David Gilmour sung tracks from early Pink Floyd. Another great record…. Obrigado! / Scott Heller

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Elektrohasch 172; D 2016


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