Oresund Space Collective "Music For Pogonologists" - 2CD

Oresund Space Collective "Music For Pogonologists" - 2CD

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Øresund Space Collective
"Music For Pogonologists"

Ltd. Edt. 500 Stück - Digipack - 8 seitiges Booklet

CD 1:

  1. Beardlandia (11:30)
  2. Ziggurat of the Beards (14:11) - (CD only)
  3. The Trichophantic Spire (05:58) - (CD only)
  4. Bearded Brothers (17:36) - (CD only)
  5. Remnants of the Barbonaeum (26:00)

CD 2:

  1. Music For Pogonologists (33:26) - (full version; CD only)
  2. Barboconsciousness (24:05)
  3. Portal Of Pogonic Progress (12:29) - (CD only)


Christian Becher Clausen - bass (on 'Barboconsciousness', 'Bearded Brothers', 'Portal Of Pogonic Progress', 'Remnants of the Barbonaeum')

Christoffer Brøchmann - drums

Daniel Lars - guitar

Dr. Space - synthesizers, spoken words (on 'Beardlandia')
(black moon circle; gas giant; phased; syreregn; ...)

Mogens Pedersen: synthesizers
(the univerzals)

Nicholas Hill: guitar (on 'Barboconsciousness', 'Portal Of Pogonic Progress')
(the univerzals)

Nicklas Sørensen - guitar

Pär Hallgren - bass (all tracks except 'Bearded Brothers' & 'Remnants of the Barbonaeum')
(sgt. sunshine)


Øresund Space Collective is a totally improvised space rock band from Copenhagen and southern Sweden.
This is the bands 15th studio album. The material was recorded in April 2012 and features American guitarist, Daniel Lars as well as all the players in the Danish band Papir.

The artwork (by the amazing Eetu Pellonpää) is inspired by the book, Poets ranked by Beard Weight by Upton Uxbridge Underwood. A Pogonoligist is someone who studies beards! I love this book and as I have a long beard and many in the band are also bearded it was a nice theme for us to explore.
The music on this double LP / double CD, was mixed in 2014 by Dr. Space with sound engineering by Johan Dahlstöm. There are some different tracks on the CD vs the LP versions, where the LP versions of some songs were edited to fit with vinyl and the complete longer jams are included on the CD version.

More details are in the liner notes and insert for the LP and in the booklet for the CD.
Space Rock Productions

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2 CD-Album / Digipack

  • ltd. edt. 500 Stück
  • mit 8-seitigem Booklet

CD / Cover = Neu / Neu


improvisierter Space Rock; Psychedelic Rock; Progressive

Label / Land / Jahr:

Space Rock Productions, SRP022/023; EU Oktober 2014
(aufgenommen im Studio April 2012)


ca. 116 g / Stück

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