3rd Ear Experience with Dr Space "Ear To Space" - CD

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"Ear To Space"


1. Scream Of Eagle Bone (14:50)
2. Anam Cara (20:21)
3. Dreams Of The Caterpillar (22:12)
4. Coin In The Desert (9:37)
5. Sue's Dream World (6:04)

Jorge Bassman Carrillo - bass

Richard Stuverud - drums

Robbi Robb - guitar, guitar synth

Eric Ryan - glissando guitar

Amritakripa - middle earth chants, keyboards, kyminies

Ryan Post - percussion

John Whoolilurie - B3 organ, saxophone

Dr Space - analogue synths
(Øresund Space Collective; Black Moon Circle)


Mastered by Mark Fuller
Produced & mixed by Robbi Robb
Artwork design and layout by David Graham and Dr Space


Reviews / Note:
3rd Ear Experience are a California based psychedelic jam band that have been releasing records since 2012.
This album was created out of series of jam sessions. The basic mix was sent to Dr Space, who then, jammed along as if he was playing with the band,
the files were sent to Robbi, who then mixed, added a few overdubs and the magic was created. For tracks 4 & 5 the opposite happened and Dr Space
created the basic tracks and 3rd ear jammed along.
So what does it sound like?? Space rock with a cool ethnic or electronic vibe at times.
Tracks 1 & 2 are more rocking while the tracks 3 - 5 are more ambient and spaced out trips.
Enjoy ...
Space Rock Productions

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CD / Cover = Neu / Neu (eingeschweißt)


Space Rock - Psychedelic Rock - Electronic

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Space Rock Productions, SRP056; D 23. März 2019


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