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1. 4 G Spot  (8:00)

2. Reverberations In The Void  (4:35)

3. Flashforwards  (6:48)

4. Moons In Your Mind  (5:16)

5. Fucked Up World  (4:33)

6. Scorpoodledoo  (9:40)



Dr Space - novation ultranova & modular synthesizer
(Øresund Space Collective; Black Moon Circle; Doctors Of Space)


Recorded March-April 2020
mixed and mastered by Dr Space (May-June 2020)
... with aural input from Hasse Horrigmoe


Reviews / Notes:
The music on this CD was mainly recorded during the quarantine in March and April 2020.
Dr Space recorded many pieces of diverse music, more simple, not as layered, focusing on a specific sound and emotion for each track.
Some of it is just damn strange but there is a sense to it. 

Space Rock Productions

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CD / Cover = Neu / Neu


Elektronik - Psychedelic - Space

Label / Land / Jahr:

Space Rock Productions, SRP066; 07. August 2020


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