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"Visions Of Infinity"


Side A:

1. Chrononaut
2. Visions Of Infinity
3. Ancient Mysteries
4. Rocking With The Aliens
5. Onboard The Spacecraft

Side B:

6. I Was Abducted
7. Creatures From Beyond
8. Winds Of Time
9. Wizards


Santtu Laakso - music & vocals


Samuli Sailo - ukulele (on 'Winds of Time')

Scott Heller - add. synths (on 'Winds of Time')

Martin Weaver - guitar (on all tracks except 'Ancient Mysteries', 'Onboard the Spaceship', 'Creatures from Beyond')


Final mix and mastering by Scott Heller
Cover art by David Graham; original logo drawing by Pate Vuorio

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Reviews / Notes:

ASTRAL MAGIC is a new Finish Space-Psychedelic Rock project lead by Santtu Laakso (Dark Sun).
These 9 songs have been recorded 2020 and are highly inspired by 'Hawkwind' and 'Spirits Burning'.

Space Rock Productions


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1 LP (12") Album

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LP / Cover = Neu / Neu


Space Rock - Psychedelic

Label / Land / Jahr:

Space Rock ProductionsSRP071; 06. Mai 2021
(Aufgenommen 2020)


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