Crawls, The "The Crawls" - farbig - LP

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"The Crawls"

Reviews / Notes:
This is a self-titled debut album by The Crawls, a two-piece band from Kyiv, Ukraine.
Their songs are influenced mostly by 60-70's music (Led Zeppelin, Cream, The Who, Black Sabbath etc) and some modern bands like The Black Keys, The Dead Weather and the others.
It has been recorded in their own studio that given them the ability to create raw vintage sound.
The album consists of 9 songs (some of them include extras) all written by Max Tovstyi, they vary from heavy blues rock/stoner to acoustic lyrical ballads.


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1 LP (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 300 Stück farbiges Vinyl

LP / Cover = Neu / Neu (eingeschweißt)


Heavy Bluesrock - Stoner - 70s

Label / Land / Jahr:

Nasoni 149; 2014


ca. 220 g / Stück

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