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"First Treatment"

(Dr Space von 'Øresund Space Collective', 'Black Moon Circle', 'Aural Hallucinations'
& Martin Weaver von 'Wicked Lady', 'Dark')

Limited edition 200 Stück gesamt: 100x schwarz / 100x weiß
Dies ist die schwarze Vinyl-Ausgabe - 180g - Klappcover - handnummeriert - Download Code

Side A:

1. Journey to Encaladus  (7:37)
2. FROTH  (7:11)
3. Rip Snorter  (7:12)

Side B:

4. Into the Oort Cloud  (21:40)



Dr Space - analog, digital & modular synthesizers

Dr Martin Weaver - guitars, bass, programmed drums


Artwork paintings by Martin Weaver
Artwork layout by David Graham


Reviews / Notes:

Doctors of Space is a new duo formed by Dr Space (Øresund Space Collective, Black Moon Circle, Aural Hallucinations) and Dr Martin Weaver (Wicked Lady, Dark).
The duo, synthesizers & guitars, create a unique mixture of space rock and psychedelic music. The tracks are either created across the internet or at Martin’s home
studio, where the group meets once a month to make new music.
This is their first full length release. The duo has already released one 7” and a digital only collection on bandcamp.
'Journey to Encaladus' is a heavy rocker with some incidinary guitar work backed up by space drums. Martin programmed the drums and plays the bass as well on this one.
'FROTH' is a more laid back and spacey track with acoustic guitar. 'Rip Snorter' is something totally different with intense electronics and guitars.
'Into the Oort Cloud' was an amazing space jam that they had.
There are two bonus tracks on the CD, one is more laid back and features their friend Hasse on bass and the other is
another of the band's favourite jams they have had early 2020
Space Rock Productions


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1 LP (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 100 Stück schwarzes Vinyl
  • 180g
  • Klappcover
  • handnummeriert
  • Downloadcode

LP / Cover = Neu / Neu


Space Rock - Psychedelic

Label / Land / Jahr:

Space Rock ProductionsSRP068; 24. Oktober 2020
(Aufgenommen in Portugal, Sommer 2019 & Januar 2020)


ca. 320 g / Stück

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