Dr Space's Alien Planet Trip "Vol. 5 - Search In Of..." - violett - LP

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"Vol. 5 - Search In Of..."


Side A:

1. Korma  (16:17)
2. Run For Your Life  (6:20)

Side B:

3. In Honor Of The Sumo Champion  (8:52)
4. SP Bass Spock  (9:20)


Dr Space - analog & digital synthesizers
(Øresund Space Collective; Black Moon Circle; Doctors Of Space; ...)

Pat Harrington - electric guitars and effects

Suzuki Junzo - electric guitars and effects
(Acid Mothers Temple; Damo Suzuki; ...)

Hasse Horrigmoe - bass (track 1 & 2)
(Tangle Edge; Øresund Space Collective; ...)


Basic synth tracks were recorded in 2019 and 2020.
Multiple layers of guitar were recorded and sent to Dr Space, who then mixed these tracks.
Mixing and Mastering at Estúdio Paraíso Nas Nuvens, Portugal 


Reviews / Notes:
This is the 5th volume in Dr Space’s collaborative series entitled, Alien Planet Trip, where Dr Space collaborates with various guitar players (Bass on Vol 4).
The idea is to lay down synthesizer tracks and have great and original players add their magic touch and then Dr Space mixes them and sometimes adds
additional layers. Anyway, many of you will know Suzuki Junzo, as he has played in many great bands and projects including Acid Mothers Temple, Damo Suzuki,
Snakes don’t belong in Alaska and many under his own name. I met him when I was in Tokyo and we have stayed in contact. He is a very unique player and
helped to create a new universe in these tracks. Getting Pat Harrington from Geezer in was something that only happened in 2020! I am a huge fan of his band
and when he said he would be interested to contribute, I was so happy. This was something new for both us.
I had a new synth (Novation Ultranova) and was making very different kinds of improvisations.
Dr Space

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1 LP (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 300 Stück violett marmoriertes Vinyl
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LP / Cover = Neu / Neu


Psychedelic - Space Rock

Label / Land / Jahr:

Tonzonen Records, TON105; D 11. Juni 2021
(Aufgenommen & abgemischt 2019 / 2020)


ca. 320 g / Stück

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