Stoned Jesus "The Harvest" - schwarz - LP

Stoned Jesus "The Harvest" - schwarz - LP

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Stoned Jesus
"The Harvest"

?x schwarz / 100x farbig.
Dies ist die schwarze Vinyl Ausgabe - Klappcover - Insert

Side A:

  1. Here Come The Robots
  2. Wound
  3. Rituals Of The Sun
  4. YFS

Side B:

  1. Silkworm Confessions
  2. Black Church


Igor Sydorenko - guitar, vocals, hammond organ, occasional keyboards & percussion

Sergii Sliusar - bass, FX, drummachine, backing vocals

Viktor Kondratov - drums, percussion, backing vocals

The Uninvited Guest aka Alex Ditch - more backing vocals for track 2

Reviews / Notes:
"The undoubtedly most hyped stoner/psychedelic band from Eastern Europe, Stoned Jesus, returns with its third full-length entitled ""The Harvest"".
Moving away from their doom-metal roots, musicians now look for inspiration both in prog-rock and grunge, which results in tracks as experimental as soaring ""Black Church"" epic.
With future classic like ""YFS"" and multi-layered ""Silkworm Confessions"", ""The Harvest"" is cementing Stoned Jesus' fame as one of the leading bands within the genre - and beyond!"

Nasoni Records

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LP (12") Album

  • schwarzes Vinyl
  • Klappcover
  • Textbeilage

LP / Cover = Neu / Neu


Stoner Rock; Doom; Psychedelic

Label / Land / Jahr:

Nasoni 161; EU 2015
(aufgenommen & abgemischt 2013 - 2015)


ca. 300 g / Stück

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