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Jesus Morate - bass

Christian Van Lacke - guitar, vocals

Julio "Naka" Almeida - drums


Reviews / Notes:
"TORTUGA is a band comprised of long-time weathered musicians. Its music takes us to a parallel, multi-dimensional universe, through impetuous changes and elaborate pieces, with cosmic soundscapes, psychedelia, a touch of progressive, Doom and melodies that melt through time.
Christian Van Lacke, an Argentine singer and guitar player, was the founder and songwriter of the band “TLÖN”, who put out three records on CD and Vinyl LPs through German label Nasoni Records. These were critically acclaimed by specialized media throughout the world. He also has a solo project “La Fauna” which has published many albums as well.
Julio “Ñaka” Almeida, drummer, was a founder of emblematic Heavy Rock band “Mazo”; a pioneering group in the Peruvian heavy scene in the eighties, of a slow and dark style which - although without contact with other doom bands back then - imprinted a doomy feel to all its musical production, On parallel to “Tortuga”, Almeida plays the drums in “Reino Ermitaño”, a doom band with four albums and European and Latin American tours under its belt.
The band is complete with Jesús Morate on bass, a musician and visual artist born in Madrid, Spain, founder of the band “Nazca”, of considerable success in the Madrid underground.
They put out an album in 2010. He has also been lead guitarist in various bands in his home country. Now Morate is also playing with Los Saicos, a very important Peruvian band from the Sixties who have recently reunited to play a series of gigs in Lima."

Nasoni Records

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LP (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 300 Stück türkis Vinyl

LP / Cover = Neu / Neu (eingeschweißt)


Psychedelic - Progressive - Doom

Label / Land / Jahr:

Nasoni 146; D 2014


ca. 235 g / St.

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