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"We Cannot Awake"

Ltd. edt. 500 Stück gesamt: 150x neon gelb - 350x neon orange
Dies ist die neon orange Vinyl-Ausgabe - 180g - Poster - download code

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1. Get To You   
2. Nothing Is Wrong   
3. The End Of The Game   
4. A Comment Of The Current Times
5. On Empty Streets   
6. We Cannot Awake 


Reviews / Note:

Vibravoid are the big bang of German neo-kraut and psychedelic rock. 

Vibravoid has released 22 studio albums, countless live albums, singles and EPs over the last 35 years that reached top positions.
Live At Finkenbach 2015 made it to No. 2 on the official vinyl sales charts, Live At Rheinkaut Festival stayed for several weeks in the Top 20 of the CD sales charts and climbed into the top 10.

Psych activist Dr. Koch founded the Light Show Society Düsseldorf back in 1988. Since the only thing missing was a suitable band for the light shows, the Vibravoid collective was founded in 1990.
Already in the early 1990s, Vibravoid emerged as the most influential new group from Düsseldorf. For example, in the early phase of stoner metal and the resulting misuse of the term “psychedelic”,
Vibravoid was invited to many stoner festivals. To the astonishment of the audience, Vibravoid presented songs by Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd, Silver Apples, CAN or the Beatles, interpreted as songs
by Vibravoid because the style hardly differed. Likewise, the guests had never seen a “psychedelic light show” in the style of the 1960s to match the music – today all a standard in this genre.

As children of the flower power generation, Vibravoid only learned from the first wave of psychedelic and kraut rock, because what is marketed today as “psych and kraut rock” didn’t exist back
then and had to be invented by bands like Vibravoid.

New album We Cannot Awake is the perfect soundtrack for THC legalization and Vibravoid is the essence of Düsseldorf genetics. They create musical fever dreamscapes that are stronger than LSD.
We Cannot Awake is the In A Gadda Da Vida of Generation X. Vibravoid haven’t released a real longtrack for several records, but now the band is making up for this and adding a few more hits.

With Get To You, Vibravoid deliver the psychedelic earworm for every large-space disco. Grooving pop music with hymenic hooks meets the effects wall of the 1960s. The ideal music for any highway.

The band’s love of The Byrds is obvious from tracks like Nothing Is Wrong or A Comment On The Current Times – but the combination with Düsseldorf’s “Motorik Sound” is a completely new level on
which psychedelic music can work. The End Of The Game still shows Vibravoid as the German masters of the fuzz effect. Ultra psychedelic guitar sounds and echo effects create a maelstrom that pulls
the listener into the spell of the complex rhythm. Vibravoidare not stingy with creative ideas, but still shake themselves out of their sleeves after 35!

Side A closes with On Empty Streets and paints a dystopian picture, yet Vibravoid manage to crank up the pop factor so high that the riffs almost burn themselves into your consciousness… expanding it.
All the sound effects are perfectly embedded, you hardly notice that this is actually highly experimental music in the sense of the Düsseldorf school.

We Cannot Awake completely fills side B with over 20 minutes. Musically, the listener is in for a very special experience. Vibravoid fuse their Düsseldorf sound with the year 2024 at the highest level.
We Cannot Awake is a journey into the abysses of human existence and other depths of the outer cosmos. Driving beats and interstellar frequencies channel the primal fear of the unknown, because
this music is dangerous. Sonic carpets of strychnine and psylocibin. Magical mushrooms. Time is running out. We cannot awaken!


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LP (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 350 Stück neon orange Vinyl
  • 180g
  • Poster
  • Download Code

LP / Cover = Neu / Neu


Neo-Kraut - Psychedelic Rock

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Tonzonen, TON168; 23. August 2024


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