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"IV: The Stream Of Forgotten Thoughts"

Eine Cover-Ecke ist ganz leicht BESCHÄDIGT

Side A:

1. No Heartbeat Collective
2. Fire Far Away
3. The Stream Of Forgotten Thoughts
4. The Trip Treatment

Side B:

5. Big Brain Monsters
6. Endless Extensions Of Good Vibrations
7. Unusual Perceptions
8. Symbiotic Nova


Domel - bass
Wyro - guitar, vocal
Walczak - drums
Seru - guitar, keyboards


Reviews / Notes:
After several fundamental lineup changes in the past years, fans of Weedpecker were left wondering what might become of the band’s newest incarnation.
“III”, their last outing from 2018, was the final one with longtime bandmates Bartek Dobry, Robert Kulakowski and Grzegorz Pawlowski (the first of whom is remaining founding member Piotr Dobry’s brother).
In 2019, the band gave a very brief glimpse into their new lineup featuring members of Dopelord, Major Kong and Belzebong while on a short tour.
The most surprising 
change was the switch from dual guitars to a full-time keyboardist.
So much for history, where does this take us to now with the new album?
“IV” is a deep, vividly textured psychedelic rock record with tons of layers begging to be picked apart upon multiple spins. Beginning with the driving opener “No Heartbeat Collective”, the song immediately beings new elements into the mix. Etherial keys and twisting guitar lines meld in harmony, giving way to chunky riffs.
forward, “IV” continues to surprise with mellow psychedelic gems reminiscent of early Tame Impala, blistering Oh Sees-esque rock bursts and of course the trademark melodic heavy riffage.
Former co-lead guitarist Bartek has teamed up with the band in the position of engineer and producer, while also lending his arrangement skills.
This combination 
of new input and experimentation has led to the most radical Weedpecker record thus far, a killer album which will doubtless make a late entry for 2021’s album of the year.
Stickman Records


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LP (12") Album

  • 180g transparent gelbes Vinyl
  • Klappcover / Eine Cover-Ecke ist ganz leicht BESCHÄDIGT (angestoßen)
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LP / Cover = Neu / Neu (eingeschweißt) ABER eine Cover-Ecke ist leicht BESCHÄDIGT!


Psychedelic - Stoner

Label / Land / Jahr:

Stickman Records / Psychobabble 121; Dezember 2021


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