Oresund Space Collective "Live In Berlin 2018" - 2CD

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"Live In Berlin 2018"

ltd. edt. 510 Stück - Digihülle Klappcover - handnummeriert

CD 1:

  1. Improv To The Other Side  (29:38)
  2. Sneaky Snake Jam  (15:26)

CD 2:

  1. Henk's Jam-O-Rama  (26:49)
  2. Freaks Of Berlin  (17:32)
  3. Another Jam For Sabine  (16:48)



Dr Space - synthesizer

Jiri - bass

Jonathan - guitar, violin, theremin

Mogens - synthesizer

Tim - drums, hand drum

Vemund - guitar


Reviews / Notes:
In May and into early June, ØSC was on tour with Black Moon Circle for 9 concerts in 9 days in 5 different countries.
We had an incredible time and played some amazing inspired shows. The last show on the tour was in Berlin, where we had never played before.
We had competition with Roger Waters but still pulled in around 100 people for an amazing end of the tour night. We made a multitrack recording
and our guitar/violin player Jonathan mixed this. The entire band was totally on fire with both Vemund and Jonathan playing amazing guitar solos
and Mogens finally letting it all out with a monster synth solo on the 'Freaks Of Berlin' track. Vemund plays a mind blowing guitar solo in the final
track to blow everyone’s mind.
Hope you enjoy this little document of what one of our shows was like on the tour. It is the bands 5th official live album and 29th release since 2006.

ØSC / Space Rock Productions

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2 CD-Album / Digihülle

  • ltd. edt. 510 Stück
  • 4-seitige Digihülle
  • handnummeriert

CD / Cover = Neu / Neu


improvisierter Space Rock - Psychedelic

Label / Land / Jahr:

Space Rock Productions, SRP053; D 12. September 2018
(Mischpult Live Aufnahme vom Konzert in Berlin / Urban Spree, 02. Juni 2018)


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