Oresund Space Collective "Hallucinations Inside The Oracle" - farbig - 2LP

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"Hallucinations Inside The Oracle"

Limited Edition 465 Stück gesamt: 152x schwarz - 313x hell blau (Seite A/B) & mint (Seite C/D)
Dies ist die farbige Vinyl Ausgabe - 180g - Klappcover - 4 Einleger (30x30 cm) - handnummeriert

Side A:

  1. Reflections In The Mind’s Eye  (21:50)

Side B:

  1. ESP (Extreme Spacial Perspective)  (19:35)

Side C:

  1. The Oracle / Pt 1  (22:24)

Side D:

  1. The Oracle / Pt 2  (18:27)




Øresund Space Collective is a space rock collective that over 50 different musicians have played in from primarily Denmark and Sweden.
The band started out jamming in the rehearsal rooms in Copenhagen and Malmö back in 2004 and since then has created 25 records and played all over Europe and even Las Vegas (2016).  
This album was created in November 2016 and features the following musicians: Magnus (guitar, synths), Hasse (doun douns, bass, talking drum), Dr Space (synths), Jiri (bass), Tim (drums), KG (sitar, guitar, synths), and Jonathan (violin, guitar, bass, farfisa, and others).
‘Reflections…’ is an album side track featuring sitar and violin. ‘ESP’ is a more electronic synth based track to start and later has some heavy guitar.
‘The Oracle’ is the main track of the album, a 40min adventure starting with a synth drone and eastern vibe but then it takes off into space. Features some of the most amazing sitar and very cool violin.
Recorded at the Black Tornado Studios, Copenhagen, November 2016.
Mixed and mastered by Jonathan Segel in Stockholm, Sweden Jan-March 2017.
Amazing artwork by Ed Unitsky.

Space Rock Productions

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2 LPs (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 313 Stück farbiges Vinyl: hellblau (Seite A/B) & mint (Seite C/D)
  • 180g
  • Klappcover
  • 4 Einleger (30x30 cm)
  • handnummeriert

LP / Cover = Neu / Neu


improvisierter Space Rock - Psychedelic - Progressive

Label / Land / Jahr:

Space Rock Productions, SRP045; D, 11. Oktober 2017
(Aufgenommen im Black Tornado Studio / Kopenhagen, Nov. 2016)


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