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"Acid Rooster"


Side A:

1. Oculatus Abyss
2. Moon Loop
3. Sulfur

Side B:

4. Time Lapse
5. Focus
6. Äther



Sebastian Väth - guitar

Max Leicht - bass, sitar, synth, mellotron

Steffen Schmidt - drums, percussion

+ guests:

Jan Werner - 12 string guitar (A2, B6)

Ch. Kunz - tenor sax. (A3)

B. Hansen - synth (A3, B5)

P. Schönfeld - throat singing (A2)

~ ~ ~

Reviews / Notes:

The debut of the Leipzig/Germany based psychedelic-trio ACID ROOSTER was recorded in December 2018 at Zentralantiquariat Leipzig by Jan Werner, who normally plays guitar in DATASHOCK and YAGOW.
In 4 days of intense recording the band managed to tape a selection of countless ideas, they collected over the last years in endless rehearsal jams and many improvised live shows.
On the record you find 6 instrumental pieces (3 on each side), which explore the depths of free thinking psychedelic music. The Songs remind of bands like motorpsycho, agitation free, hawkwind or NEU!, but really have their own handwriting.
From very quiet, spheric tunes to endless space jams or dark and heavy tunes the record contains a variety of different emotions and styles from psychedelic music to krautrock or post rock.
Sunhair Music

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1 LP (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 222 Stück gelbes Vinyl / Nachpressung
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LP / Cover = Neu / Neu


Space Rock - Psychedelic - Krautrock

Label / Land / Jahr:

Sunhair Music, SH0031; Mai 2021


ca. 300g / Stück

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