Brown Spirits "Volume III" - schwarz - LP

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"Volume III"

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1. Converge Collide  (7:14)
2. Bakelite Dashboard  (5:20)
3. Montage Homage  (3:08)
4. Express Train To Jupiter  (4:36)
5. Vanishing Exits  (1:42)
6. Tumultuous Clouds  (7:04)
7. Flawed Optimist  (3:34)
8. Hats Off To Pojama  (4:34)
9. Chemical Miscalculation  (7:25)


Reviews / Note:
Brown Spirits concoct a host of pre-1975 influences laced with free jazz Rhodes and Floyd inspired Hammond lines, driven by moog-laden Motorik & deep funk rhythms & layered with lysergic drenched guitar, this band takes the listener on a journey from early heavy psych and krautrock through to funk flavored downtempo cuts that transcend genres almost seamlessly.
Live shows are reminiscent of late 60's Detroit ball room jams meshed with ear-bleeding psychedelic sensibilities that leave punters elevated to a better world, one where space echo and thunderous jams are manor from god (amen!)

Clostridium Records

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LP (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 250 Stück schwarzes Vinyl
  • 180g
  • DIN A2 Poster
  • download code
  • handnummeriert

LP / Cover = Neu / Neu


Heavy Psychedelic - Krautrock

Label / Land / Jahr:

Clostridium Records, CR 057; D April 2020


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