Gone Cosmic "Sideways In Time" - schwarz - LP

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"Sideways In Time"

Ltd. edt. 300 Stück gesamt: 100x schwarz - 200x clear/rot marmoriert
Dies ist die schwarze Vinyl-Ausgabe - Klappcover



Reviews / Note:

A blood (orange)-scented breeze that bows the trees, Gone Cosmic chases the infinite haze from the skies and puts it right back in your eyes.
Groove-mining breakdowns become the stuff of legend as the four pieces' floor-thudding tail kick and hellfire halo holler originates a whole that
is far more potent than the sum of its individual elements. Meet your new astromancers, the phase-shifting and hard-rocking force that channels
the empyreal sounds of heaven on Earth. 

Championed by a soaring songstress Abbie Thurgood (The Torchettes), whose boldly evocative tones recall Skunk Anansie chanteuse Skin and
Alabama Shakes' Brittany Howard, and accompanied by an agile and aggressive psych-rock outfit, composed of guitarist Devin "Darty" Purdy (Chron Goblin),
bass player Brett Whittingham (Chron Goblin), percussionist Marcello Castronuovo (Witchstone), Gone Cosmic has carved out an expansive
domain that stretches from sweltering Southern sludge pits to breath-stealing sonic spacewalks. 

Sideways In Time, the debut album from Gone Cosmic, was recorded in September 2018 at OCL Studios.
Produced, recorded and mixed by Josh Rob Gwilliam, Sideways In Time is a diverse and ambitious first release navigating the celestial highs
and primordial lows of gravity-defying anthems. Hypnotic psych-rock pulses meet electromagnetic solar-powered soul on feature tracks such as
pummeller "Deadlock", galactic trip "Misfit Wasted", and interstellar odyssey "Faded Release".

Kozmik Artifactz

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LP (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 100 Stück schwarzes Vinyl
  • Klappcover

LP / Cover = Neu / Neu (eingeschweißt)


Psych - Stoner - Rock

Label / Land / Jahr:

Kozmik Artifactz, 67; D, August 2019


ca. 330g / Stück

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