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"Reptiles Return"

Limited Edition 500 Stück gesamt: 200x schwarz - 200x grün - 100x tobacco
Dies ist die schwarze Vinyl Ausgabe - 180g - handnummeriert - 1 Karte - 1 Aufkleber

Side A:

  1. Return
  2. Run
  3. The Mountain Giant
  4. Sleeping World

Side B:

  1. Winter Witchcraft
  2. Walnut Talks
  3. Flying Clouds
  4. Roots Pattern



Arkadiy Fredotov - bass, synth (Flying Clouds, Winter Witchcraft)
(Vespero / Maat Lander)

Andrey Pankratov - drums (Run, The Mountain Giant)

Vladimir Nikulin - bass (Run, The Mountain Giant)

Ilya Lipkin - guitars, bass, synth, mandolin, tambourine
(Maat Lander)

Ivan Fedotov - drums (Return, Flying Clouds, Winter Witchcraft)
(Vespero / Maat Lander)

Evgeniy Thachev (Rasputin) - percussion (Walnut Talks)

Reviews / Notes:
Ilya Lipkin, the Grandmaster of this Moscow psychedelic fuzz orchestra, and his associates made an attempt to rethink the legacy of the primal days of the band.
This LP contains their very first EP 'Return To The Reptiles', but with one track remixed, two re-recorded and two more remastered.
Also included are four acoustic pieces and psychedelic soundscapes which were composed and recorded during the period 2013-2016.


Re-Stoned, band that has never failed their fans made quite an spiritual journey this time. Reptiles Return is quite the pretender to be a monumental record in it’s genre.
And what record this is. Beginning as a classic desert rock hot desert driving it transforms itself and the listener all the way to the end. Every song seems to be planned in detail and made so that it leads the listener through guitar, bass and drums soundscape with soaring wind-swept stone pillars. And it leads to the moment where a man with inner peace observes seemingly endless silence around himself while colossal skies flow with lazy movement of the clouds.
Through Return, Run and The Mountain Giant there is still some anxious daydreaming. The fall begins shortly after where there is brilliant peace of acoustic music which grabs attention and doesn’t let go.
Virtuosity of Illya Lipkin shines out of this record and it seems like the man plays everything that can be called string instrument. Mandolin, bass, and also synth and tambourine – looks like he knows it all. But when you gaze upon names of other people that gave their time to bring us such good album you will see that he is not alone.
When such force of creativity comes together it by no means can beget something bad. From the first fiery riffs at the beginning of the album to the earthy Roots Pattern we can experience a lot. Song structure is also not so ordinary but there is a classic stoner/doom, desert rock style “slow at the beginning, faster as end draws near”. And it seems like whole genre is immune to the monotony of this type.
I must say that I feel like I’m coming home from the exhausting walk in the woods alone – peaceful and serene. That’s the effect this album brings to the ones that focus on it from the beginning to the end.
Because of this magic which is manifested in this world by Re-Stoned and Iliya Lipkins guitar, this album surely deserves the place as one of the monumental pieces of the genre. / Matija Katic

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1 LP (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 200 Stück schwarzes Vinyl
  • 180g
  • 1 Karte & 1 Aufkleber
  • handnummeriert

LP / Cover = Neu / Neu


Psychedelic - Space Rock - Stoner

Label / Land / Jahr:

Clostridium Records, CR 022; D 2016


ca. 285 g / Stück

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