ØSC Live December 2012

Øresund Space Collective

- live in concert -

at December 1st, 2012, Dragens Hule (Revshalevej 209), Copenhagen / DK


The danish Band Mantric Muse has invited to celebrate the release of their long-awaited CD album.
(by the way: The Mantric Muse musicians were members of the early Øresund Space Collective)

The entrance is for free and everybody might take a beer!
The concert shall start at about 22:00, a lot of people (friends & fans of the Band) are hanging around.
There are problems with the projector, time is passing by. But doesn't matter, people are talking about the new album and future projects etc.
It is about 23:00 ... the Band goes on the stage and starts playing.
The music is great ... cosmic Space / Psychedelic / Progressive Rock. Really cool!
I'm not sure, but I think they played about 1 ½ hours and people want more! But MM want to stop playing to give ØSC a chance not to start too late.
They leave the stage and now you can buy their new CD ... if I wouldn't have been so stupid to bring too less money I would buy one now as well ... damn!

Ok, anyway ...

(Mantric Muse: Magnus - guitar, Michael - bass, Ola - synthesizer/keyboard, Søren - drums)

MM_01.12.12_473.jpg MM_01.12.12_482.jpg


... Nick & Scott set up their instruments and Øresund Space Collective make a soundcheck. It's probably round 1:30 when ØSC start to play.
In the 1. set it is: Members of Mantric Muse + Sebastian + Scott aka Dr. Space.
It is the first time for me to see the Band in this lineup and I'm delighted. wow :-) They play together very well!

... outside it has started to snow ...






After about 1 ½ hours they have a little break. It could be maybe half past two? I go outside to the fire. Wow, so much snow around me ...
In the 2. Set Michael, Søren & Magnus leave and Nick, Jiri & Birk join in playing. Sometimes also Mogens plays together with Ola ...
A great concert, people enjoy it a lot.
It's late, oh yes, but the good mood and the wonderful music let forget the tiredness a bit ;-)






... the projector lightshow was often really good! ...

OSC_01.12.12_11_604.jpg OSC_01.12.12_12_614.jpg

OSC_01.12.12_13_615.jpg OSC_01.12.12_14_617.jpg
The last track begins with PIB on the drums. Unfortunately I can't shoot a photo because I now make a video ...

At about 4 o'clock in the morning the show is over (no, I think I remember that some of the Band played on ;-) and I am very tired.
But it was a really really great concert night! (who cares after that about to bike through the snowstorm ;-)
A big thank you to both Bands ... you were fantastic!

Vielen Dank :-) ... mange tak :-) ... tack så mycket :-) ... thank you so much :-)

... and here you can listen to the concert ...


... all pictures by me / Sabine ...