ØSC Live February 2012


- live in concert -

on 24th Feb. 2012 in Copenhagen at BETA

"totally improvised groovy psychedelic space rock"
This announcement of the danish-swedish-american band Øresund Space Collective was absolutely applicable!

It was a small club and I like that. You don't need any field glasses to see the musicians ;-)

At first came ILDHU as special guest, to put us in the right mood for ØSC. Then we had to wait a while until ØSC put there Instruments etc. in the right position.

The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, everybody looked forward to the main gig.

ca. 23.00 h ... they were ready to start at last ... Dr. Space invited us for a space flight.

The band started to play.
They didn't need any time to warm up ... the guys were on the spot from the very first second ... abandoned and full of joy & love for playing.

The guitarists Nicklas & Nicklas were amazing! Sometimes they seemed to be disconnected from earth ... like on another planet ... trance-like ... and in the next minute totally spacy. That was sheer madness how Nicklas & Nicklas rocked their guitars!

Pär, the bass player, did a good groove.

The drummer Kristoffer played like a maniac, don't know from where he got that much energy to give one's all nonstop. wow!

Mogen & Dr. Space gave us the special space-sound ... most impressive!
From time to time Dr. Space played discreed air guitar :-)

The space-sound took us away for a flight through the universe ...
in between times we rocked the galaxy ...
and the crazy sound pushed us into black holes ... yup ... what a great journey :-)

Dr. Space never lost the control ... he took care of us and nobody got lost.

Unfortunately we had to leave the spaceship after about 2 hours (I know it was not up to you). What a pity :-(

It was a long trip from Hamburg to Copenhagen but I'm glad to enjoyed this wonderful and fantastic concert!

mange tak :-) ... tack så mycket :-) ... thank you so much :-)


(here you can listen to to concert ...)

Band tonight: Dr. Space - synths; Kristoffer - drums; Mogens - synths; Nicklas - guitar; Nicklas - guitar; Pär - bass



... all pics took by myself ...