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"Stoned Gold"



  1. Infinite Unmanifest (16:48)
  2. Iceberg Dream (12:14)
  3. Stoned Gold (7:56)
  4. I Am Not Robot (13:19)
  5. No Walls, No Wars (7:12)
  6. The Drone (12:00)
  7. Where You Roam (7:08)


Reviews / Note:
The California based space rock band, 3rd Ear Experience, are back with their 5th studio album, and 3rd on Space Rock Productions.
This record is more raw aggressive heavy space rock with a lot of emotional qualities. Recorded at a studio in Joshua Tree, CA. Several guest musicians help to fill out the sound and vibe.
A few of the songs contain singing like on the powerful 'No Walls, No Wars' but mostly the album is instrumental. Space rock for the new Age of Man!
The release of Stone Gold will be accompanied by a short book in 7" format written by Robbi Robb called "The Art of the Jam Band".
The Art of the Jam Band is an inspiring companion to anyone interested in the art of free form improvisation in the context of a band.
Space Rock Productions

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CD-Album / Booklet

  • ltd. edt. 500 copies in a 20-sided booklet (7" Format)
  • insert
  • hand numbered

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Heavy Space Rock - Psychedelic Rock - Progressive

Label / Land / Jahr:

Space Rock Productions, SRP047; D, December 2017


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