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"Alucinações Auditivas"


1. Formigas  (5:05)
2. Fly Free Furry Friend Festa Da Portugal  (3:54)
3. Hills White, House Blue  (9:56)
4. Brain Stimulator  (3:58)

5. Spore Cloud Dispersion  (5:45)
6. Don't Take The Granite Acid  (9:57)
7. Surreal InhiVisions  (4:00)
8. Escape From Time  (CD Bonus-Track) (13:44)


Mathew Couto - synthesizers, drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocal, artwork

Dr Space - yamaha CS10, custom modular synthesizer, KORG SQ-10, Nord Lead 2, ARP Odessey, vocal, mixing & mastering

Luis Antero - field recordings

Reviews / Notes:

‘Aural Hallucinations’ was born in December 2019. Matt had recently parted ways with 'Elder' and approached Dr Space about making some music together.
Each member exchanged 5 tracks and recorded additional instruments on the top. Dr Space mixed it and there you go!
The music is quite variable and psychedelic from almost pure electronic music to psychedelic folk or rock.
Luis Antero provided them with field recordings, which were mixed in on certain tracks to give extra ambience and aural experiences.
Aural Hallucinations Music

- - -

The semi-self-titled Alucinações Auditivas is their first release of any sort as well as being their first album — though they led up to it by unveiling “Brain Stimulator” and “Fly Free, Furry Friend” as singles — and in its vinyl-ready form it runs seven tracks and 41 minutes of way-far-gone mostly-instrumental collaboration.
Pieces like “Hills White, House Blue” become a kind of miasma of synthesizer sounds, and from the leadoff cut “Formigas,” on which the applied “vocals” would seem to be recorded and manipulated breathing, onward, the prevailing sentiment is that anything is welcome noise-wise so far as the vibe is maintained.

To wit, the underlying low end synth progression behind the penultimate “Don’t Take the Granite Acid” follows an eerily similar rhythm to that of my basement washing machine when heard through the floor of my living room.
There are eerie whispers there as well (not in my basement, fortunately), and “Spore Cloud Dispersion” offers a drum progression and bassline that echoes the space rock at its most frenetic, while closer “Surreal InhiVisions” finds its anchor in acoustic guitar almost in a manner reminiscent of Lamp of the Universe were that outfit more given to conjuring a total wash AURAL HALLUCINATIONS ALUCINACOES AUDITIVAS of effects rather than sticking to some semblance of structural traditionalism.

Despite all the far-out-itude of Alucinações Auditivas and the piercing high-pitched frequency that makes its way into “Brain Stimulator,” the project is consistent with elements of both Couto‘s and Heller‘s past work.
Certainly the latter has been no stranger to improvised-seeming experimentation — that’s Øresund Space Collective‘s wheelhouse — and the former has handled modular synth and other noisemaking whatnots in Kind as well, so it’s not that Aural Hallucinations comes out of nowhere in terms of their approach, just that the two parties involved have very clearly made a conscious decision to highlight this aspect of their creativity together.

The mission and resulting LP are likewise admirable though both by their very nature are not necessarily widely accessible. Still, the wide open range that Alucinações Auditivas establishes
nearly immediately and only continues to push into broader spaces is a closed-eyes-headphones-on escape that one can easily imagine as a ready foundation for future such expeditions.
With their driving principle seeming to be just building pieces from the ground up and seeing what works, they show an awareness of that and a corresponding awareness of when a piece
is done or might not need anything else going on in it.

This makes Aural Hallucinations dynamic as well as varied in their approach, and from minimal to maximal, Alucinações Auditivas demonstrates a dimensionality that goes beyond the depth of its mix.
Actually, its dimensionality kind of goes outside of this dimension altogether, but I suppose that’s a different matter.

JJ Koczian /


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Psychedelic - Space - Rock - Folk

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Aural Hallucinations Music, AHOO01; May/June 2020


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