Dark Sun "Feed Your Mind" - blue - 2LP

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"Feed Your Mind"

zum ersten Mal auf Vinyl ...

Limited Edition 500 copies total: 200x black - 300x blue
This is the blue vinyl edition - 180g - gatefold cover - hand numbered

Side A:

  1. Tiny the Man (9:16)
  2. Feed Your Mind (4:48)
  3. Black Spires (4:19)

Side B:

  1. Our Man Inside (5:52)
  2. Astral Magic (6:30)
  3. Phantastica (1:24)

Side C:

  1. Abduction Files (11:05)
  2. The Next Step (10:32)

Side D  (Bonus Tracks!):

  1. Time-Space Continuum (9:07)
    (from "Metazoon")
  2. The Epic World of Captain Gizmo (4:30)
    (from "Copenhagen Space Rock Festival 2002")
  3. Electrified feat. Nik Turner (6:15)
    (from "Copenhagen Space Rock Festival 2002")



Santtu Laakso - bass, backing vocals, space whispers, micro & opus moogs (on D 1)

Antti Luostarinen - drums (on A1 - C2)

Mikko Kuokkanen - micro & opus moogs, roland, casio, backing vocals, bass (on D1)

Kari Kuusinen - guitars (on A1 - D1)

Ylli - guitars, 12-string guitar, micro & opus moogs & samples

Janne Kuokkanen - lead and backing vocals

Petri Sadinmäki - ensoniq (on A1 - D1)

Jésus Luxus - drums and programming (on D1 - D3)

Yur Zappa - guitars (on D2 - D3)

Guest musicians:

see photo ;-)

DARK SUN were Finland’s premier Space Rock band in the 1990s.
The band recorded a number of demos, a 7” record and this one full length record in 1996, released in 1997 on cd. The band was very inspired by Hawkwind and also
recorded a live album (Ice Ritual on Burnt Hippie Recordings) with Nik Turner. Nik has also made guest appearances on a number of other recordings with the band as well.
While the band stopped performing as a live band in 2005, they have continued to release a number of limited edition
CD-Rs and appeared on various compilations.
(Check the bandcamp site)
This is the first time that ‘Feed your Mind’ has appeared on vinyl. It is a limited one time pressing of 500 copies in two different colours.
Enjoy this Finnish space rock classic. Amazing record.. The Side D includes some bonus material.

Space Rock Productions

Visit the Label: www.spacerockproductions.com


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2 LPs (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 300 copies blue vinyl
  • 180g
  • gatefold cover
  • hand numbered

LP / Cover = New / New


Space Rock - Psychedelic

Label / Land / Jahr:

Space Rock Productions, SRP034; EU April 25th 2016
(originally released on CD 1997 on the label Met Amorphos)


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