Kungens Män "Trappmusik" - yellow & orange - 2LP

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Limited Edition 500 copies total: 350x yellow (side A/B) & orange (side C/D) - 150x orange/yellow split
This is the yellow & orange vinyl edition - 180g - gatefold - hand numbered - insert - download code


1. Fånge i universum  (10:48)
2. Senvägen  (8:53)
3. Tricksen för transen  (8:16)
4. Främmande i tillvaron  (13:14)
5. Vibbdirektivet  (15:05)
6. Lastkajen  (5:00)
7. Trappmusik  (17:50)



Peter Erikson - synth, trummaskin

Hans Hjelm - guitar

Mikael Tuominen - guitar, organ, voice, percussion

Mattias Indy Pettersson - drums, percussion

Magnus Öhrn - bass

Gustav Nygren - Guitar, Saxophone, Guitar XII, Percussion

Reviews / Notes:
Usually Kungens Män record at home, in busy Stockholm. This session was different.
Trappmusik was recorded in the legendary Silence Studio in the deep woods of Värmland and is a perfect example of how much setting actually effects the music made.
Trappmusik is the Kungens Män chill out album. It has its peaks, but the overall vibe is calm, introspective and vibing off the fantastic recording room that has hosted
so many giants (Älgarnas Trädgard; Träd, Gräs och Stenar; Bo Hansson...).
Use this music however you want. Play it loud or put it on as background music. Lie down on the floor or dance to it. The woods are singing.


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2 LPs (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 350 copies yellow (side A/B) & orange (side C/D)
  • 180g
  • gatefold cover
  • hand numbered
  • insert
  • download code

LP / Cover = New / New


Psychedelic - Spacerock

Label / Land / Jahr:

Adansonia Records, AR035; February 2020


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