Sonic Trip Project "Atomium Sunflower" - black - 2LP

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"Atomium Sunflower"

Limited Edition 418 copies total: 98x black - 320x blau (side A/B) & mint (side C/D)
This is the black vinyl edition - 180g - gatefold cover - hand numbered

Side A:

1. Open
2. Elevator Seven
3. Scarab Nebula

Side B:

4. Atomium Sunflower
5. Hybrid

Side C:

6. Cairo Neon Pt. 1 (live Würzburg 2018)

Side D:

7. Cairo Neon Pt 2 (live Würzburg 2018)
8. Andromeda (bonus track)

Originally mixed & produced by Vince Cory / Lee Carr
Remastered for vinyl by Scott Heller
Cover design by Lee Carr. Cover model Katherine Wells.
Photography by Lean Luc Moutier, Peter Stanley, Keith Eglon, Bryan Spink, Demi Denison


SONIC TRIP PROJECT is a UK space rock band lead by guitarist 'Vince Cory' (Red Elektra 69, Psychedelic Warlords, Vostok, and others).
He is joined by 'Lee Carr' (bass), 'Barry Mart' (synths), 'Darren Butler' (drums) and 'Daneel Olivaw' (electronics).
The band have several releases on bandcamp and released a few CD-Rs but this is the first ever vinyl release.
Side A and B are taken from releases on Bandcamp while side C and D feature a long jam from Café Cairo in Germany
with Vince’s brother 'Phil' on lead guitar and 'Sunhair / Horst' on synths.
"Andromeda" is a bonus LP track.
Vince describes the album as, “psychedelic garage punk, acid rock, cosmic prog, space and kraut rock, electronic ambient”. 

Space Rock Productions

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2 LPs (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 98 copies black vinyl
  • 180g
  • gatefold cover
  • hand numbered

LP / Cover = New / New


Space Rock

Label / Land / Jahr:

Space Rock Productions, SRP062; D, 9th December 2019


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