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"We Are"

Side A:

1. We Are  (3:23)
2. The Real  (8:38)
3. Life  (8:44)

Side B:

4. Material Drive  (4:32)
5. I'm With You  (7:31)
6. Be With Me  (5:39)
7. Freude III  (7:02)


Stefan Koglek - guitars, vocals

Manfred Merwald - drums

Philipp Rasthofer - bass

Jan Faszbender - hammond M3, moogmultimoog, ...

+ others

Reviews / Notes:

It is no small thing for a band to change its construction after about 20 years of working with the same lineup, but as they cap their 25th anniversary celebration in 2019 with the release of the new album, We Are (formerly titled Life), that is precisely what Munich’s Colour Haze have done.
The godfathers of European heavy psychedelia have operated since 1998 as the core trio of guitarist/vocalist Stefan Koglek, bassist Philipp Rasthofer and drummer Manfred Merwald, but with 2017’s In Her Garden (review here), they began to experiment more with adding flourish of organ and various synth from Jan Faszbender, and since then, Faszbender has become a part of a new four-piece incarnation of Colour Haze.

On the seven-track/45-minute We Are, which is released as ever through Koglek‘s Elektrohasch Schallplatten imprint and opens its first side at a rush with its quick-boogie title-track, they continue to experiment and drive themselves forward in that integration, with Faszbender moving between playing off the energy of Merwald‘s drumming, running along with Koglek‘s guitar in the graceful instrumental sweep in the second half of “Life,” and generally filling out the melodic and rhythmic foundations of the material while offering a few standout moments of his own, such as the organ laying the bed for the soaring vocals — and I mean “soaring”; there are some pointedly operatic guest vocals going on there too — of the album apex “Be with Me.”
The change, in other words, suits Colour Haze. Their studio arrangements have been branching out since well before 2012’s She Said (review here) brought in strings and horns and 2014’s To the Highest Gods We Know (review here) answered back and built on those impulses, but from where the branching out is happening has changed, and their sound is that much richer for having Faszbender in the lineup on a hopefully ongoing basis.

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LP (12") Album

  • black vinyl
  • 180g
  • gatefold cover

LP / Cover = New / New


Stoner Rock / Psychedelic

Label / Land / Jahr:

Elektrohasch 012; D March 2020


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