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Seid "Weltschmerz, Baby!" - blue - LP

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"Weltschmerz, Baby!"

Ltd. edt. 500 copies blue vinyl - 180g


1. Haukøye
2. Trollmannens hytte
3. Satan i blodet
4. Weltschmerz, baby!
5. Coyoteman
6. Moloch vs Gud
7. Mir (Drogarna börjar värka)


Reviews / Note:
... For us, this outstanding band from Trondheim is one of the very best bands ever from Norway!
Now we are proud to present you their new killer psychedelicrock album „Weltschmerz, Baby!“.
The typical Seid triprock full of catchy and deep melodies, fuzzy guitars, powerful bass and drums, vintage keyboards and haunting vocals, this time in their own, norwegean language, what makes it even more psychedelic! :-) 
By the way: The band is existing since 25 years!!!
Sulatron Records

If I’m not mistaken this is 5th album by these Norwegians that started out as band back in the 90s dealing with prog, space, psych even folk rock presented through their own unique musical Cosmic prism!
So, “Weltschmerz, Baby!” is Seid‘s new album and this time they decided to dress their compositions with lyrics sung in their native language!
The album consists of 7 songs clock-ticking to a total of 39 minutes. “Haukøye” with its powerful drumming and the tribal rhythm shows a heavy attitude that flirts at times with the early 90s symphonic hard rock.
The weird “Trollmannens Hytte” follows, with an eerie intro some female announcements (or something) under an electro-ambient-psychic- like environment, really experimental but trippy too.
Then, a huge spacey bubble explodes with “Satan i Blodet”, the scenery becomes more space-rock oriented but still heavy (with a pinch of psych), a track that is built upon heavy bass lines and some real hot guitar riffs.
The self-titled “Weltschmerz, Baby!” has a mystical cinematic somehow intro but soon it transforms into a speedy locomotive!
“Coyoteman” is a wonderful addictive druggy tune, tripping the listener to foreign places, a wordless rhythmic tune with a strong psych-a-like soundscape indicating a distorted Alan Parsons Project feeling!
“Moloch vs Gud” with its narrative-style is a cool Middle-Eastern influenced song creating a psychic landscape that continues on the next last song of the album “Mir (Drogarna börjar värka)”, mostly instrumental but with a few sporadic female vocals becoming heavy at times but leaving the listener with a pleasant nostalgic feeling and an intense smell of some Norwegian Wood… Lovely
TimeLord Michalis

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LP (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 500 copies blue vinyl
  • 180g

LP / Cover = New / New



Label / Land / Jahr:

Sulatron Records, st 1806; November 2018



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