14/06/2014 - ØSC Live May 29th 2014


Spaceboat ride on the Elbe

- Concert on the Spaceboat -

on May 29th 2014 in Hamburg / Germany

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15:40 Uhr
The band arrives and the meal is nearly ready. This time they came via Flensburg as they had to pick up Nick and the PA in Horsens. Klaus was so kind to meet them some kilometer away and bring them safe to my home to be sure they don't take the wrong way and arrive too late ;-)
I am so happy to see them all again, Mogens, Scott, Jiri, Birk, Nick & Jocke!

We eat, listen some music, talk, I let the guys sign some of the posters and then we drive to the Landungsbrücken. Cool, the weather is brighten up, I am relieved.

19:00 ... Jiri says I have to drive home again to bring the cymbals ..... huh??? ... I think he is joking but very soon I see he is not. Any joker took them from the van into my apartment but not back. ... Great, I consult a watch: Impossible, the boat should start in 1 hour?!?

... But what am I talking, that's no good so Klaus and Jiri take off and I am telling everyone that we will start not before 21.
The long of it ... the boat takes off around 20:20 incl. the complete drums & band etc. ... ha ha :-)

It's so cool, the people are such in a good mood, the band too, the weather is nice ...... the motor starts, the band begins to play .... we take off ... and I ... I am just happy ... it is such a great moment!
In consultation with the captain and a short inquiry at the Spaceboat guests I decide to have no stop until 23. And even the band has no break, they play nonstop until the end.

The time flies much too fast, I could drive on and on ... till Lapland ;-)

It was great, super cool, to glide over the water with the spacetastic music from Øresund Space Collective. These guys gave their all ... wow!

Everybody is leaving the boat pretty fast. Birgit & Klaus have already done the little merchandise stand. How the hell could they do it so fast??? After a while I finally make it too and take over the selling. Scott helps me and he is talking to the fans. Some people tell me how much they enjoyed the trip and give thanks to me for set-up this concert.
Hej, I feel embarrassed and touched and happy about this positive feedback .... many thanks :-)))

All the work and stress was it worth.

What time did we come home? 2 o'clock?? A few were hungry and needed to eat something. So we stoped anywhere and 5 from the band went to a restaurant .... I was so terribly tired and only wanted to sleep ... but oh well ... that's the way it is ;-)


Many thanks to all of you Øries (ØSC-Fans ;-), you were wonderful guests and you made this relaxed vibe!

Many thanks for the help to my dear friends Birgit and Klaus, without you some things would be much harder!

And many thanks to Øresund Space Collective, without them we would not have had this fantastic trip into a weightless time, at least for 3 hours! :-)
You are super!

I don't play any instrument and I am not on the stage with the band ... but I feel like a part of the band ... thanks for that!


Sabine lieb


What can I say ...I already plan for next year ..... not only on the water ..... 2 days? ..... I don't say anything now ;-) ... but ... if you plan your vacation for the next year, maybe you should let some space left for a weekend in Hamburg ;-)


(Band tonight: Birk - drums, Dr. Space - synth, Jiri - bass, Jocke - guitar, Mogens - synth, Nick - guitar)

it's the small one in the front ;-)
... the mood is good :-)
... the clouds are gone, the sun is shining ...
Jiri & Mogens

all have fun :-)
fantastic weather
Birk - Jocke - Dr. Space
Nick - Jiri - Mogens
the poster looks cool :-)

© All pictures by Sabine (except nr. 2, 17 & 20 by Birgit)