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"Eine Gute Reise"


Reviews / Note:

In a unique interplay, SPECK combines the repetitive, driving character of Krautrock and the boundless, psychedelic sound spectacles of Space Rock -
and goes one better: with a lot of energy, dynamics and unexpected twists. The special thing about this work is its incredible freshness.
The band's sound is now more mature, more sophisticated, richer. 

This time, the recording was deliberately done entirely at home. Sounds were created that may sound familiar at first hearing,
but now also make many things clear that were previously hidden. You can hear the swinging of the skins, feel the motoricity of the bass,
anticipate the step on the wah pedal and the energy that is bundled and released.
The many layers of the guitar open up like a pompous fan. While the bass coats the room in unobtrusive analogue warmth as before, it's the drums in particular that make the quantum leap in sound clear.

On their latest record, SPECK create a cosmic sound carpet with their glorious repetitions and a 3D spatial backdrop on which it is wonderful to romp.
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1 LP (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 500 copies purple vinyl
  • 180g
  • risoprint poster
  • download card

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Psychedelic - Space Rock

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Tonzonen Records, TON152; 27th October 2023


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