Schubmodul "Lost In Kelp Forest" - marbled - LP (RE)

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"Lost In Kelp Forest"

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1. Voyage 
2. Emerald Maze
3. Renegade One
4. Silent Echoes
5. Ascension
6. Revelations


Reviews / Note:

'Lost In Kelp Forest' is a concept album that doesn’t take place in the vastness of space like its predecessor, but rather in an underwater world.
The six mainly instrumental pieces are accompanied by narrator voices, which reveal a coherent fictional story on a dense atmospheric carpet
of sound. The voices were professionally recorded by Alma Chomel from France and Shane Wilson from the USA.

As a foundation, the triumvirate, formed by a classic line-up of guitar, bass and drums, thunders a mix of space, stoner and progressive rock
onto the stage, which is occasionally supplemented by synthesizers, sound and voice samples. Dreamy, atmospheric passages combined with
colossal riffs will often lead to an epic melodic zenith of voluminous, warm sounds, over which gentle to fast guitar solos are released.

The compositions use a large modal palette and versatile harmonies that are intended to continually surprise the listener and at the same time
follow a driving, natural and catchy rhythm. Lost In Kelp Forest has a very high level of attention to detail and should remain exciting even after
repeated listening.

The band’s inspiration for this album was genre-typical greats like Elder, King Buffalo, more progressive bands like Dream Theaterand elements
from Hans Zimmer‘s film music. The idea using a spoken word on top of the music was inspired by the albums Eyes Like The Sky and Murderer
Of The Universe by King Gizzard & Lizard Wizard. Lost In Kelp Forest was recorded in August 2023 in the legendary Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg,
Germany. The entire album was recorded in just six long days. The band was housed in the studio for the entire recording process, which created
a unique atmosphere during the recording process. The first tracks (Emerald Maze and Silent Echoes) were written shortly after the release of the
first album in spring 2022 and set the basic mood of the album. The remaining pieces were completed by summer 2023.



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LP (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 300 copies
  • blue-black marbled Vinyl
  • 180g
  • Insert
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Space - Stoner - Progressive

Label / Land / Jahr:

Tonzonen, TON143 (RE); 1st July 2024



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