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(Dr Space von 'Øresund Space Collective', 'Black Moon Circle', Doctors Of Space')



1. Nykawana  (23:34)

2. Myrekrida  (23:32)



Dr Space - Korg SQ-1, Nord Lead 2, Yamaha CS-10, ARP Odessey, Custom Modular Synthesizer

(thanks to the Native American Church for the use of the chants)


Artwork by David Graham
Mushroom picture provided by Carlos


Reviews / Notes:

This music was conceived in October 2019 after reading and being inspired by the book 'The Long Trip - A prehistory of Psychedelia' by Paul Devereux.
I set up some synthesizers and my new KORG SQ-1 sequencer and went about making some improvised music. All the music was recorded in two days.
More time was spent on the mixing and mastering of it. 

This electronic music is highly inspired by Doug Walker (Alien Planetscapes), Klaus Schultze, Cluster, Eno, etc… but I do it in my own way.
Just search for a sound, a vibe and create.  I am not nearly as talented as any of the folks I cite but I enjoy making music, my own way, with my own imperfections, and flaws.
It is music meant to raise an ear and emotion, sometimes relaxing and meditative and other times, disturbing, just like a mushroom or psychedelic experience (with or without drugs).
Dr Space

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CD-Album / digisleeve

  • ltd. edt. 100 copies
  • 4-sided digisleeve
  • hand numbered

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Electronic - experimental

Label / Land / Jahr:

Space Rock Productions, SRP067; 23. September 2020
(recorded & mixed in Portugal, October 2019)


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