Black Moon Circle "The Studio Jams Vol 1" - farbig - LP

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Black Moon Circle
"The Studio Jams Vol 1: Yellow Nebula In The Sky"

3köpfige Band aus Norwegen ... manchmal mit Dr. Space von Øresund Space Collective am Synthesizer, der dann für den Spacesound zuständig ist ...

Limited Edition 343 Stück gesamt: 110x schwarz - 233x grün/schwarz
Dies ist die farbige Vinyl Ausgabe! - 180g


Side A:

  1. Closed Loop Circuit (10:57)
  2. Sea Of Vapors (13:32)

Side B:

  1. Yellow Nebula In The Sky (22:46)



Øyvin Engan - bass

Vemund Engan - guitar

Per Andreas Gulbrandsen - drums

Dr. Space - synthesizers (space sounds) on "Plains" & "Enigmatic Super Bandits"
(Øresund Space Collective)

Reviews / Notes:
In 2013 Dr Space (from Øresund Space Collective) started to visit and jam with the Trondheim based band, Black Moon Circle.
An EP and a full length record, 'Andromeda' were released in 2014 and early 2015 with great praise from the underground media, including Top 10 best new bands by the Obelisk web site!
While, these two records focused on songs, the group of musicians has been having yearly jam sessions and this record, 'The Studio Jams Vol 1' is the first of at least 3 volumes of Studio jams to be released
on limited edition vinyl records over the next 2 years. 'Sea Of Vapors' was recorded during the first jam sessions in April 2013 and the other two in January 2014.

The material on this record is all about intensity! Intense heavy fuzzed out guitars, blasting bass and drums and spaced out synthesisers. This is an intense instrumental trip with some killer jamming from the entire band.

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LP (12") Album

  • ltd. edt. 233 Stück transparent grün mit schwarzen Sprenkeln Vinyl
  • 180g

LP / Cover = Neu / Neu


Stoner - Space Rock - Psychedelic Rock

Label / Land / Jahr:

Space Rock Productions / Crispin Glover Records, SRP029/MOON2CGR053; EU September 2015


ca. 260 g / Stück

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