Oresund Space Collective "Slip Into The Vortex" - CD

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"Slip Into The Vortex"

  1. I teleported to acapulco (+)
  2. Mothership machinery (o)
  3. Fondle the frequency (+)
  4. Slip into the vortex (+)
  5. Sonic snake (o)
  6. Lord of slumber (o)


Anders - saxophone

Dr Space - synthesizers

Jocke - bass (+)

Kaufmann - drums

Magnus - guitar

Mogens - hammond, synthesizers

Pär - bass (o)

Stefan - guitars

Reviews / Notes:
... As with all our other albums this was totally improvised in the studio and mixed afterwards. This was the first studio session with Anders on saxophone and the first time that Kaufmann had played drums with us in the studio, despite having drummed with us many times in the past.
The music on this CD has a more laid back, progressive space rock vibe in many ways, with a little jazzy element at times as well. It is a CD that takes some time to discover all the special elements and magic of the improvised musical journeys that we created during these two days ...

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improvised Space Rock - Progressive - jazzy

Label / Land / Jahr:

Transubstans 060; EU 2010
(recorded Black Tornado Studios in Copenhagen 2008)


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